Working Better, Smarter, Faster

For government human service departments, working better, faster and smarter needs to be achieved not only within their own organisation, but perhaps more challengingly, also through partnerships with a diverse range of separately managed, non-government organisations.

Responding effectively to these challenges requires departments to build capacity in a number of key areas:


Problem solving being able to identify and build agreement about what problems exist and develop effective, and where appropriate, collaborative solutions

Service partnerships establishing and maintaining effective relationships both within and external to the department through a range of formal and informal mechanisms
Getting things done delivering outcomes within budget, within agreed time frames, through a range of modalities, with risks adequately managed.
Services include:

Challenging organisations to find a better way
Fostering creativity and innovation
Re-engineering business processes
Effectively managing projects
Identifying and incorporating continuous improvement.

CPD BIZ Consulting offers the building blocks needed to develop organisational and community capacity to excel in the changing and demanding service delivery environment. We do this in ways that engage people's creativity and fosters innovation in responding to the challenges they face. This maximises the opportunity to find new solutions to old problems as well as opening up horizons for innovative and alternative approaches.

We work with organisations to:

Develop Strategic Plans problem solving and creating a shared, practical blueprint which responds to stakeholders issues and builds the commitment and involvement of staff
Build Stakeholder Engagement Strategies - developing and facilitating effective consultative, partnership and communication strategies
Develop Project Management Skills from the critical role of the executive project sponsor through to project managers and project team members
Improve Service Delivery mapping service pathways, developing and building commitment to innovative service initiatives, and monitoring and evaluating services and service delivery.