Capacity Building

Capacity building has emerged as a key focus in the last decade. In terms of organisations, it is about the ability of the organisation to set and achieve its own goals, to perform core business functions, and to identify and solve problems.

Capacity building is about development at all organisational levels and integrates a range of development initiatives that may not previously have been linked in the organisation. It ensures the organisation has "the will, the vision, the cohesion and the values to make progress over time." Lavergne and Saxby (2001).


CPD BIZ Consulting works with organisations to identify their Core Capability Profile, that is the capabilities which individuals and the organisation need in order to realise their potential and deliver the business goals.

In our experience, these capabilities will include not only technical skills, but also management of people and the sharing of organisational learning and knowledge, especially knowledge related to managing and resolving conflicts and building networks, partnerships and relationships.

We also offer a range of approaches that are guaranteed to engage and motivate employees in building the identified organisational capabilities. Understanding that organisations work best when their people apply their full intellect, creativity and innovation to their work, our strategies engage all those elements.

Strategies include :

Facilitating learning in sensory-rich, creative environments

Utilising a theatre sports approach to problem solving

Moderating debates as a way to explore organisational issues and challenges

Working with actors, musicians and artists as mirrors that reveal the organisation to itself

Providing on-line creativity boards for brain blooming.

Services include:

Linking business goals and organisational learning strategy

Improving interpersonal and organisational communication

Leveraging the potential for working together

Building negotiation and conflict resolution capability

Embracing diversity.