Organisational Change and Development

Change is rocketing through organisations faster and more frequently than ever before.

Where it is inadequately steered, change creates chaos and leaves a trail of uncertainty and ambiguity. However, when well directed, change can be transformational.

It is no longer a matter of choice. As contradictory as it may sound, change is becoming one of the "constants" in organisations. What remains a choice is how change is planned and managed. 140x140

Planning for change involves 7 key elements:

Creating the vision
Building ownership with stakeholders
Establishing a sense of urgency
Removing obstacles as they appear
Starting with short term wins
Celebrating success at the right time
Ensuring change fits the organisation's culture
What We Offer

CPD BIZ Consulting is in the forefront of public sector change. Our team has expertise in change management projects that range from an individual business unit focus, to organisation wide, to inter-departmental, to whole of government and inter-sectoral change.

An iterative, management led, organisation wide culture change program for a capital city council with more than 7,000 employees

A multi departmental, cluster based strategy for implementing shared services
Public sector wide change management strategy for major outsourcing with State and Commonwealth Governments
A gender equity action plan in a state police department with 5,000 employees
A behaviour change strategy for a business unit dealing with bullying and harassment.

Services include:

Implementing values and behaviours
Creating change management strategy
Implementing culture change
Facilitating strategic planning
Developing effective leaders

We have an enviable record of success in change management projects. It is built on our holistic, people centred approach to developing and supporting the implementation of change strategies.

Our change strategies prepare our clients not only for the implementation of the current change - in fact, we offer a transfer of skills to our clients to create a robustness and flexibility that will allow them to ride the crest of the next wave of change.

The difference we make? Our change strategies work. The change is understood, opportunities are created for broad involvement, the goals are achieved and value gets added to the "real" work while the change is going on.

Our strategies make sure it'€™s a change for the better.