Performance Management and Development

Do you want your staff to be innovative thinkers and appropriate risk takers, rather than have them relying on the same old approaches and blame shifting when things go wrong?
Do you want your workplace to be more about teamwork, collaboration and high achievement?
Do you want to see individual and team efforts aligned with organisational objectives?

Of course you do. But how?


Our approach to performance development starts with the organisation's business plan, and utilising a continuous improvement framework, gains agreement on workplace goals and targets, and identifies learning and development opportunities that will improve individual and organisational performance.

CPD BIZ Consulting works with organisations to build on their current approach to managing staff and organisational performance. This could include activities such as redesigning the policy and procedural framework, providing practical skills sessions for managers and supervisors, or working with staff groups to enhance their confidence and competence, as well as assisting in managing change in the workplace.

In addition, the Centre for People Development, our Registered Training Organisation, delivers high quality training programs, individually tailored to your needs, that can also be linked to nationally accredited training qualifications if required.

CPD BIZ Consulting can help you develop a planned approach to performance development and a range of other professional learning needs, that deliver on both the short and long term goals of your organisation and the individual motivations of your employees.

Services include:

Developing HR strategic frameworks
Profiling individual and organisational competencies
Developing managers and team leaders
Coaching and mentoring
Developing teams