Improving Service Delivery

Finding new ways to meet increasing demands for the provision of complex services is a challenge. One key to efficient and cost effective service delivery is collaboration across government and, increasingly the non-government sector. No simple task!

Developing Service Pathways


CPD BIZ Consulting has just completed a State/Commonwealth funded services agreement project to devise and implement service delivery methodology which:

Enhanced the working relationship between five government departments
Delivered breakthrough service pathways mapping
Provided significantly improved understanding of how different services are delivered
Facilitated the development of new networking techniques
Developed protocols for integrated service delivery
Identified a model for collaborative learning and development
Gained "absolute support from all stakeholders to the options developed"

Services include:

Mapping service pathway
Creating service protocols
Engaging service partners
Developing service partnerships
Evaluating service delivery.


What We Offer

CPD BIZ Consulting specialises in improving service pathways, facilitating partnerships and collaboration to deliver cost effective solutions to problems. We advocate effective co-operation as a method for resolving problems and for achieving enhanced service delivery outcomes for agencies and their clients. We build a very strong sense of goodwill and stakeholder commitment to achieve outcomes.

To do this we:
Engage stakeholders in problem definition
Use consultative processes to underpin mapping of current services
Provide opportunities to build community capacity

Facilitate the involvement of service providers and service users to identify options for improvement
Build ownership at each step of the way
Design innovative service pathways
Lock in implementation and resourcing strategies and plans
Recommend effective evaluation and review methodology