Our Proudest Achievements in the Last 3 Years


Cross Sectoral Service Improvement Project

Mapping current service provision, facilitating the development of a range of alternate service pathways, developing regional service protocols, designing a collaborative learning framework and resources for service providers. The project involved broad consultation and developed a "map" of services which is now being used to train staff and inform service providers.

Culture Change Project

Development and implementation of an organisation wide values and behaviour project in a capital city council which spans multiple business units and 7,500 employees. Through the project, 100% of employees have been involved in values and behaviours discussions with their peers and direct supervisor, and the council will have revised all of its organisation wide management systems to align with the values by June 2003.

Organisational Change Project

Development and implementation of a gender equity strategy for a state police department. The strategy was built with the involvement of more than 20% of managers and employees, and included development of equity and diversity training for 800+ managers and first line supervisors, design of equity strategy for managers including production of a training video, and training and support for managers and supervisors.

Senior Executive Development Project

Development of an innovative seminar series for senior public sector project sponsors with responsibilities for major capital and other projects in total worth $2.6b. The project delivered clarification and reforms of approval processes, stakeholder management, risk management and reporting by executive sponsors.

Rural Women€™s Leadership Development Program €“

Developed for rural communities in Victoria and north Queensland experiencing significant economic downturn and rural restructuring, the program transforms individual lives and whole communities. The scale of social change and economic development resulting from the program has been so significant that the program has been run in 9 different rural communities.

Executive Communications Project

Development of a package of communication strategies for a portfolio of public sector departments, to build executives€™ commitment to strategic directions and reform. The implemented strategies have enabled portfolio executives to effectively communicate across a diverse range of state government agencies.

Over the previous decade

100x100 Organisational Development

Developed for a national professional member institute following Australia wide consultation and implemented based on an integrated management development approach, which delivered 30% per annum business development targets

HR/IR Strategy

Developed for a major Commonwealth public sector IT outsourcing project, the strategy impacted more than 7,000 staff and successfully redefined existing government approaches to the transition of employees and related superannuation and taxation provisions, and directly contributed savings of $30m to employee transition costs.

Outsourcing HR Strategy

Developed for the most extensive and complex State public sector outsourcing project, affecting 700 staff in more than 140 different organisations. As a measure of the success of the strategy, during the 2 years it took to complete the outsourcing deal, there was no industrial action, no time lost and a 97% uptake of employment with the successful vendor.

Merger Implementation Plan

Developed for the merger of two state based public utilities, the merger was to bring together the provision of services to 680,000 customers, a total annual revenue of $1.2 billion, assets of $10.5 billion and impacting more than 7,300 employees.

HR and Communication Strategy

Developed for a large Commonwealth government department for the transition of 3,000 staff from public sector employment to a new government business enterprise.

Program Review

Developed for a TAFE institute, the review of the HR function involved interviews and surveys of all managers, mapped service against best practice and redesigned core roles to deliver significantly enhanced services.

Business Re-Alignment Strategy

Developed for a large public utility, the broadly focused strategy invested in leadership development, service quality and addressing employee issues to support the achievement of significant cuts to expenditure of $45m per annum and the reduction of employee numbers by 23% in 14 months. The targets were achieved without any industrial disruption.

Customer Service Management Improvement Program

Developed a diverse and creative, public sector wide, management development program which changed the nature of service delivery for participating agencies, set new benchmarks for executive management development, and significantly improved services to key customers.

Facilitation of Change Processes

Developed for public sector downsizing a range of change strategy models, implementation plans, evaluation processes and the first transition support programs providing employees with options for shaping their own futures.