Frequently Asked Questions

CPD BIZ Consulting offers a sliding scale of rates from $2,250/day + GST @ 10% for one off, up front work through to $1,100/day + GST @ 10% for behind the scenes research. These rates can be further negotiated in the context of the number of days required. There are no hidden or additional costs for metro based services. For regional based services, travel and accommodation are charged at cost. A fully detailed invoice is provided. Please enquire for a detailed quote to meet your requirements.

Just about everything you can think of! CPD BIZ Consulting daily rate includes all preparation, facilitation, research, reporting, consulting, documentation and administration. Venue and equipment hire, travel outside the metro area, accommodation and catering if required are charged at cost. Our office manager Dean can organise a quote at the drop of a hat if you call him on 1300 366 056 or email

CPD BIZ Consulting has the tools you need to get this right and there are lots of different ways we can assist, from working with you one:one to mentor you in getting your strategy in place, through to facilitating the development of a management and implementation plan on your behalf. It just depends what your needs are and what time frame and resources you have available. Please enquire and Jill, Robyn or Darren will follow you up pronto to clarify your needs and put together a detailed quote to meet your requirements.

CPD BIZ Consulting will work whatever hours best suit your organisation. We work across a range of industries that operate shifts and will be pleased to meet your managers and employees at their workplace when shifts start or end, or at convenient shift breaks. There is no change in our daily rate for working outside 9am ...5pm; even though we consume more coffee during the hours of darkness!

We sure can. CPD BIZ Consulting would work with you to fix the immediate problem as well as how to avoid it occurring again in the future. From our experience, this is likely to include linking performance management, complaints handling, support for managers and staff, together with skills development if required. Contact Jill on 1300 366 056 or email her at for more information.

Indeed we do. We have a great approach to team building that really makes a difference. Click here to find out more.

It depends. That's a pretty tight time frame. CPD BIZ Consulting has an excellent tool for real time, fast track strategic planning and we'd certainly give it ago. The thing that is likely to take the most time is not the planning but rather the pre-planning consulting of your key stakeholders, and then getting the necessary sign offs for the plan in your organisation. But hey! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Contact Robyn or Jill on 1300 366 056 or or and let's give it a go.